Pricing and memberships

– you will be able to deduct 20% from the regular price on the 1 year unlimited or on the no commitment membership (every month!) when you buy the membership in continuation of your 4 week intro.
– you do not need to pay before you can book. The payment can be done when you come to your first class in the studio.

We look forward to welcoming you!

For those who are new in the studio
This is our best offer for you. You can come as often as you want for 4 weeks to all our classes.


Mat and towel for the mat included
This is our most expensive option and is for those who will only visit the studio once. You can always upgrade to a introductory offer after your class, if you wish.

1 Year Unlimited

Unlimited training for 1 year
YOGA MAT AND TOWEL INCLUDED AT EACH CLASS. This is our absolute best deal for you, if you practice more than 1 time per week. Get 20% discount when you buy the yearly membership in continuation of your intro. Can be suspended at least 2 weeks at a time and as often as you want. Twice a year the suspension is free – thereafter a fee for 199 dkk is applied.

10 Clips 1600

Clip card with 10 clips
Good solution for those who practice less than once per week. If you want to come more, it is better to buy an NO COMMITMENT MEMBERSHIP with monthly payment.
Expiration date 6 months and can be shared with others!

Co Commitment 1100

No commitment membership
Most economical solution for those who come regularly in the studio. Fixed monthly payment via your credit card. 20% discount on each month when you sign up in continuation of your intro.

No Commitment Students

No commitment membership // students
Best buy for those who are full-time students. 20% discount on each month when you sign up in continuation of your intro.


Give a gift card to someone you love
You choose the amount and can print or send the gift certificate directly to the lucky one.


Want individual instruction?
We arrange private classes and events for you – alone or in a group. Write for more information. We are looking forward to hearing from you!